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Beijing Tebeifu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tebeifu") is a national innovative high-tech enterprise committed to the development of level sensor and detection technology and has a number of magnetostrictive core technologies.
Tebeifu has successfully developed the magnetostrictive displacement products with a resolution of 0.5μm. Its data stability, reliability and response time have reached the advanced level in the industry, and its environmental adaptability is also superior to similar products at home and abroad.Tebeifu implements ISO9001 international quality management system as well as ISO14001 environmental management system, and has obtained international CE, CCC, UL, coal safety, explosion-proof qualifications and many others. Our products have been widely used in injection molding, rubber, metallurgy, engineering, maritime, wind power, port, water conservancy, petrochemical and other fields. Customer feedback has been continuously satisfactory.
"Tebeifu" adhering to the concept of "thinking for customers, creating value for customers", provides customers with quality products and helps users solving practical problems with professional solutions.Looking forward to the future, "Tebeifu" will be in line with the "technology sensing the future" mission. With the rise of Internet of Things technology, we strive to innovate products; focus on the core magnetostrictive technology, details and quality oriented; make fine products to build signature brand of "Tebeifu" sensors. 

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